Sweet Mission:

Baking for Good is an online bakery dedicated to selling irresistible gourmet cookie gifts that are perfect for any occasion. Moreover, we're committed to supporting causes that are important to our customers. That's why 15% of the net proceeds from every purchase you make on our site goes to a cause of your choice.

It’s simple: shop our online bakery, choose your cause, and check out! You can choose your cause at any time, including at check out.

Our Products:

We use the finest natural, local, and seasonal ingredients to make your delicious baked goods and cookie gifts. We bake your order fresh and wrap it in beautiful, eco-friendly packaging, then deliver it to you or your recipient, anywhere in the United States. Think of our baked goods as the perfect gift that gives back, whether for yourself or someone you care about.

Emily's Story:

Emily Dubner dreamed up Baking for Good in her cozy NYC kitchen in early 2009. Back then she worked as a management consultant, but she spent her free time honing her baking skills and discovering that nothing brings a smile to friends' faces like a homemade batch of cookies or brownies. more »

Growing up in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Emily developed a passion for baking by helping her mother and grandmother in the kitchen. Sugar cookies were young Emily's favorite baked treat, and she fondly recalls baking batches of iced flower sugar cookies for her 2nd grade classmates. As a teen, Emily began getting creative, developing and re-creating recipes, and she frequently organized bake sales to raise money for the school orchestra, cross-country team and parent teacher organization. Emily's love for baking continued through college where she would whip out new treats to the pleasure of her dorm mates.

Although the word entrepreneur wasn't in Emily's vocabulary as a child, she displayed an early entrepreneurial spirit through small-scale business ventures such as designing and selling hair accessories and personalized canvas tote bags. Emily went on to earn a social studies degree from Harvard University in 2006, along with a citation in Mandarin Chinese, and began her career as a management consultant for Katzenbach Partners in New York. Eventually, Emily's professional role as a consultant, which heavily exposed her to the world of entrepreneurialism, rekindled her entrepreneurial spirit. In late 2008, a gift of baked goods delivered to her mother sparked Emily's idea for Baking for Good. Incorporating her love of baking, experience with fundraising as a child and the desire to start a business of her own, it was in January 2009 that Emily began plans for a company that is not only dedicated to providing premium, gourmet treats but is also committed to helping great causes raise money.